12 Bay NAS Case Project

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Oct 20, 2019
I don't know if this will be any help to you or not, but -

My server (in a Rosewill RSV-L4500U case) uses a 9361-8i connected to an Adaptec AEC-82885T expander which is connected to 14-18tb Iron Wolf Pro drives (13-R6 1-HotSpare) and 2-512gb Samsung 850 Pro SSDs (R0 CacheCade).
The AEC-82885T is also connected through it's external ports to another AEC-82885T in a second storage case (also a Rosewill RSV-L4500U case) that has 11-18tb Iron Wolf Pro drives (10-R6 1-HotSpare) and 4-4tb Iron Wolf Pro drives (R5).
A bonus is that the 9361 and the 82885Ts are 12Gbps, so upgrading drives to something faster is possible.

Since the AEC-82885T needs only power, the second case has just the drives, expander card (in a PCI Express Riser Board Card Adapter for power that allows mounting the card on the back plate as if it were in a PCI-E slot on a motherboard) and a PS for the drives.

The 9361-8i and both 82885ts have Noctua Nf-A4x10 fans mounted on them.
If you use a 9300-61i a Noctua NF-A9 will mount and keep it at very reasonable temps. (I have one, but it's on the shelf right now, not needed)

The Rosewill RSV-L4500U cases are becoming hard to find, but a Rosewill RSV-L4000U is a reasonable substitute but only mount 8 drives in 2-4disk carriers and a carrier for 5.25" devices.
To increase it's drive capacity you can substitute (at any time) 5disk carriers (search Amazon for "Stainless Steel Hard Drive Cage, 5.25" to 5X3.5 Rack")
They are perfect drop-in replacements and use the same mounting hardware as the original carriers. I actually think they are leftovers from Rosewill's production run of the L4500U cases.
I use these cases because my preference is to not use a backplane, everything is directly connected to data and power. While it is more cabling, it is also easier to repair and troubleshoot, if needed.
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May 27, 2024
Thanks very much for the reply and really do appreciate the information. I will be going for the 9305-16i for the controller and I have been advised this will be able to support the drives I want. I can understand about not using a drive back pane and can see how it would be simpler to troubleshoot but still going for the NAS case. As I will be building up to 12 HDD's I will be using the built in SATA controller on the mainboard and will be using the slim SAS x4 to sff 8643 cable for 4 of the drives and 8643 to x4 sata cables.

I have a few components for the build now; Asus W680 IMPI mainboard, i7 13700 CPU, 48GB Kingston ram, Seasonic Focus PSU, SAS cables and case on order from good old Ali Express.

I will keep this post up to date with my progress once I have my case, if i get my case. lol, my last shipping update from Ali Express was this: -

是这样的 货物机箱还在氧化,还是需要三天时间
Is this cargo case still oxidizing or will it take three days?