10gbe for OmniOS?


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Jul 14, 2011
I have a dell r905 off ebay. Works great, with a couple of mellanox connectx-3en cards between it and the 2 esxi hosts. I'm thinking of switching to OmniOS, but am having trouble coming up with known, supported 10gbe cards. I have a couple of old connectx-2 cards, and I know they work (especially with SRP) with solaris distros, but esxi 6.0 mellanox drivers don't seem to support SRP (dunno when, if ever.) If I boot OmniOS, it doesn't even recognize the connectx-3 cards (no surprise there.) Whichever way I go, I can skip a switch for the moment, and connect the 2 esxi hosts directly to the storage server. If I can't use the mellanox cards, I'd buy 3 of something (at least one of them dual ported - for the storage server) and go that route. I'm not sure I know enough to care if I went rj-45/catX, or with some SFP+ solution. Any thoughts/tips would be appreciated.