z10pe-d16 ws

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    E5-2696V4 -128GB DDR4-Z10PED16WS

    In an attempt to downsize, I will try and sell some stuff. CPU SOLD RAM SOLD 1 x Asus Z10PE-D16WS + box (And yes, its a 2017 board that works perfect with E5-V4s.) 410$ Will accept Paypal and a direct bank transfer. I have bought equipment from @Patrick If that makes it more comfortable for...
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    Z10PED16WS + 2683 v3s

    SOLD 1 x Asus Z10PED16wS box, I/O sheild, most accessories included but lacking some sata cables. (Only supports V3s) works perfect. 2 x E5 2683 V3 SR1HX 14-core turbo 2.5 ghz all score. I have available for dl modded bios & efi files, that I used for 24/7/365, turbo 3.0 Ghz all cores. Which...
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    Help with an Asus Z10PE D16 WS and Asus support

    I recently purchased an Asus TS700-E8-RS8 server barebones which contains the Z10PE-D16 WS motherboard from newegg. I attempted to install two, retail Broadwell E5-2630 V4's in it, however it will not work with both CPU's installed. Each CPU works fine in a single CPU configuration. I've done...