windows 2016

  1. 6

    Server 2016 vs 2019 vs Win 10

    Hi everyone. My name is Boris, from Nevada. This is my first post. :) I’m getting a ProLiant ML350p Gen 8 server soon. It will arrive next week. The system doesn’t have any drives so that means it doesn’t have an OS. I am looking for recommendations and feedback on which version I should...
  2. F

    No Users Showing up after leaving windows domain

    I was tinkering around with windows server 2016 essentials and from my Windows 10 Pro workstation I connected to the domain I made, once I left the domain windows 10 no longer shows the last account logged in on the login screen.
  3. S

    Gaming VM in ESXi 6.5 - Windows+GPU choice?

    Hi, I've really grown fond of the idea of hosting my gaming rig as a VM with passthrough of GPU/USB Controller etc. I'm really just wondering a few more before starting to try it out: Are there's any resource of a successful passthrough of an nVidia GeForce-series GPU? As Windows 10 have a...
  4. vl1969

    Help needed for Setting up Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V cluster

    Hello, I have been reading up on Windows 2016 Server lately and I think I might need to move to it for what I need to set up. here is my issue: I have 2 server running Windows Server 2012 R2 in a Hyper-V failover cluster configuration. Hardware Server 1 : DELL PowerEdge R730xd Server Dual...
  5. S

    DIY WS2016/Storage Spaces Box (NVMe -> SSD -> Spinners)

    Hi, first post here :) I'm about to build a dedicated storage box at home, where I plan to run WS2016 w/ Storage Spaces as I've grown tired of FreeNAS because of my growing interest in Windows env. For this build I've planned to use the following components: - BitFenix Phenom M (mATX version...
  6. H

    Fusion-IO Duo 640GB (7XVKM) + Dell R810 + Server 2016 = BSOD?

    Hey there, everyone! I purchased a Dell R810 earlier this year as my first foray into making a homelab. Recently, I was offered a rather attractive deal on an MD1200 with 7x2TB WD Re drives, dual PSUs and controllers, an associated HBA, cables, and - most importantly - a Fusion-IO Duo 640GB...
  7. T

    Samsung NVMe drivers for MS Windows Server 2016 ?

    Does anybody know how to get or how to install Samsung NVMe drivers for MS Windows Server 2016 ? Samsung support webpage offers NVMe drivers version 2.1 for Windows 10, while installing on MS Windows Server 2016 it complains that's not supported OS. Tried to extract files from the .exe however...