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    So.. need help getting into a Quanta Windmill in 2018 :-P

    So i'm hoping to finally join the ranks of Quanta Windmill owners. I know the last year or so i've seemed a little waffly, asking alot of diverse questions in different directions, and not yet jumping on deals offered by others - cash wasn't yet available during the struggle to get into...
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    Quanta OCP Windmill v1 versus v2

    v1: QUANTA WINDMILL OPEN COMPUTE SYSTEM BOARD V1 WITH 10GbE ETHERNET HEATSINK | eBay v2: QUANTA WINDMILL OPEN COMPUTE SYSTEM BOARD V2 WITH 10GbE ETHERNET HEATSINK Does anyone know in what way the two versions of the Quanta Windmill board differ? Are there any major architectural differences...