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    WD RED HDD failed, but can PCB replacement fix it?

    My WD RED WD80EFAX HDD suddenly died last week: I shut down my Proxmox server, booted it up again and the drive started "clicking". It was clicking for a while, until it stopped and no longer does that. I did not receive any SMART warnings ahead of time, and looking back at the...
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    How to check latest firmware version available for WD Red Plus drives?

    Hello, I have recently acquired a few 14 TB WD Red Plus drives, and I'm wondering if there's a newer firmware available for it that I might want to install. I've been thinking about this since I heard of recent firmware issues with some of Samsung's SSD drives. Currently, my drives have...
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    WD Red 8TB non PRO for 12 bays

    Hi guys, I read on the WD website that the RED series (non PRO) is for NAS with at most 8 bays. There is someone here that has tried these HD on more than 8 bays without any issue? I need a solution for 12 bays. Thank you in advance.
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    Disk Passthrough ESXi to FreeNAS

    Hi, my first post here after discovering this useful forum! I have at home a PC running ESXi 6.7.0, let's call it my "homelab server". It is nothing special, it has an AMD FX-8350, 32GB RAM DDR3, a 512GB SSD for the ESXI and some VM's (Server Core 2016 and a couple of W10 VM's). I'd like to...