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    EU [FS] Intel LGA3647 Xeon Gold, Platinum and motherboard [Updated Dec 7 ]

    CPU's Intel Xeon Gold 6138P 3x 600€ Very specialised, make sure Your MB supports it Intel Xeon Gold 6144 QS 1x 300€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6146 QS QN7C 1x 500€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6148 QS 1x 300€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6242R SRGZJ 2x 1400€(2200€ for pair) 1x perfect, 2nd...
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    Need Advice on home server setup

    Hey, new to the forum, I currently run the following: 2014 Mac mini Lacie 5big Thunderbolt 1 - 8TB (4TB useable, 4TB for backup) Gigabit Router I use this setup to run Plex Server Wireless computer backups Wireless phone backups Wireless iTunes sync Wired Security camera recordings So most...
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    WTB: 5x 10/12/14+TB HDD

    Hi, Looking to buy 5x drives for a small TB3 NAS project. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a nightly data-backup program to move windows folders from one TB3 NAS to another TB3 NAS. Thanks! PM with any $$$ for drives (SATA