1. AveryFreeman

    Setting up routing between 2 different subnets - what are the basics?

    Hey, So this might be kind of complicated - so far it's a bit over my head, but I know it's absolutely possible. I'm trying to set up routing between two subnets with an AD trust between the two of them, but let's put the AD/IPA trust aside for a minute, because none of it will work without...
  2. AveryFreeman

    What would you recommend I do about a congested network segment?

    Hey, I manage a network at an outdoor restaurant we have a single subnet with a ton of devices. We have occasional gremlins and I am trying to figure out why. It's not terrible, but there's issues with reliability now and then - mostly latency issues (I think) which usually get noticed when...
  3. D

    Subnetting, Subnet Masks & vLans

    I've always just run everything in my network, all unmanaged switches, just everything, everywhere. I wanna learn more about selecting subnet masks, IP addresses ( vs for example), I wanna learn the difference between a subnet and a VLAN, and how traffic...