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    Questions about NAS-OS and Networks

    Hey all, Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I have been reading STH for some time but never had anything to contribute as most people here are much more knowledgeable than me, In fact, I have 0 IT background. So, this is my first post on this lovely forum, I hope I don't break too...
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    Motherboard/CPU for SnapRAID

    What are some motherboard/CPU options for SnapRAID that don't exceed the requirements to the point of wasting money? My only requirements are: Support for up to 8 drives ECC Thanks.
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    designing The Poor Man's Drobo v1 (16-33drive NAS)

    Slloooooooow progress. I'm not even planning on buying hardware until summer 2017, want to have all my ducks in a row for what hardware to buy first. (also wont have time to configure/test/etc) This is a place for public feedback on "the whole system". I'll have a "topic or two to solve...
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    Mapping the future - planning a scale out from 3 drives to 48/controller advice

    So maybe you've seen some of my posts in other subforums, micro version is that i'm forced to start on a shoestring that can be upgraded over time preferably without totally changing to a different system doing a data migration of lots of exporting and importing. The software i'm planning to...
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    I need to talk to someone who uses LTO Ultrium tapes/LTFS! (tape file system)

    Either somebody here, or if you can point me to forums anywhere on the interwebs that I can sign up to to talk to people who use these with any regularity just to ask some questions only they would know. Specific question example - does LTFS (tape file system) store fine grained timestamp...
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    Setting up my new dual cpu home server

    Hi Not sure if this is the best place of the forum to post this in. Feel free to move it if it fits better in another section. This might be a bit long but stay with me :) I have had a home server of some sort running for many years. Started out with different Linux distributions about 15...