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    WTB Intel S2600CP Motherboard

    I killed my S2600CP2J doing a bios update, so I am looking for a replacement board. Please let know the model you want to sell, and your price. Thanks.
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    Canada WTB: Dual LGA2011 Motherboard

    I purchased an S2600CP4 a few months ago and just recently tried to put it into production after acquiring a case, memory, dual E5-2670's, etc but believe I have a dud mobo and it's been far too long to claim refund on it. With both CPUs installed and minimal ram, the system either fails to post...
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    S2600CP doesn't go on with post, hang at code B7h 'DXE Configuration Reset'

    Hi, I have a S2600CP4 board, bought brand new. It runs well for several days (windows/debian), already has the latest BIOS. I tried to reinstall the windows, it finised installing and was rebooting/posting, I took out the USB drive with setup files, then it output obvious warning kind of beep...