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    Perc 6/i bricked after -cleanflash

    Hello, I have a Dell Perc 6/i that was working okay. I was trying to update the firmware via MegaRaid Storage Manager(MSM) but it gave me a error. So since i had flashed before a couple of PERC H310, i thought it would be the same. megarec -cleanflash 0 and it worked ok. megarec -m0flash 0...
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    WSE 2012r2 Restore Files and Folders crashing

    Trying to restore some files from a client back up, but I keep getting an error: "Restore Files and Folders wizard has stopped working" Googling it, everything I come across references a problem from Feb 2015: Crash restoring files from client backup I don't see the update in question on any...