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    SAN HA storage software options

    We have a hyper-v HA cluster which hosts around 70 Windows VM's across 5 nodes. We store the VM's on a supermicro server with a lot of SSD drives in and a Windows OS, these are replicated using Veeam to another supermicro server with a similar number of SSD drives. We'd like to make the SAN HA...
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    Hyper-V replication server precent from cryptolocker virus

    Hello, In my company we use Hyper-V failover cluster (4 HP servers). All servers are in domain. Also we use additional replication server (domain). Replicating all VM`s. At nowadays cryptolocker virus is very dangerous, so its possible to have replication server not in domain ? I mean all...
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    OmniOS Napp-it Replication Question

    This question is aimed mainly at Gea but others may be able to help. I'm running OmniOS with Gea's excellent Napp-It on top. I'm currently replicating several ZFS filesystems from one pool to another pool using Napp-it's replication feature once per week. I've noticed that on both the source...