1. X

    CISCO SG250-26P Noctua Fan replacement problems - Fans spin up, then stop after a few seconds

    Hey there dear STH-Community, a few months ago I was on the look out for a 19" rack mountable manage switch with PoE+ and came across a dirt cheap CISCO SG250-26P which I scored for 100€. It was (and still is) in perfect condition, but upon powering it up, what I've not taken into consideration...
  2. C

    Number of sectors of WD60EFZX

    Good morning, I recently physically moved a ZFS pool from one server to another. The array was scrubbed prior to the move and returned no errors. After moving the array, I couldn't re-import it. After some troubleshooting, it appears that the root of the problem is a wrong number of sectors...
  3. sfbayzfs

    Bad RAM slots in motherboards - how common are they, repair success?

    I have been meaning to post this for a while, here goes finally. I have a lot of system building experience, and generally held the belief that bad RAM slots on motherboards are uncommon. The first one I encountered was a couple of years ago - I opened up a brand new ITX celeron board and I...