raspberry pi

  1. O

    One big home server or several small ones?

    Background: I have a media server that's been offline for a while. It has several disks between 1TB-3TB (JBOD) and room to add more. I built it to simply store all my CD, DVD and BrD rips. I played the files on an HTPC so transcoding wasn't an issue - but I retired the HTPC some time ago and I...
  2. G

    Use FreeNAS and FreeBSD service to talk to wireless sensors

    Hey I was finally able to trace the sensor readings using wireless temperature transmitter interface with raspberry pi But I am curious to do it by using FreeNAS and FreeBSD services to achieve mention below points - Send the readings from raspberry pi to FreeNas storage system where readings...
  3. Patrick

    The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B thread

    I ended up getting two Raspberry Pi 3's this week. MCM Electronics ordered March 1, 2016, shipped March 9, 2016, arrived March 15, 2016 Vilros 16GB Starter Kit (see an example here) - ordered March 14, 2016 arrived March 17, 2016 - thank you Prime! A few notes: I like the official MCM case a...