Use FreeNAS and FreeBSD service to talk to wireless sensors


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Jun 14, 2018
Hey I was finally able to trace the sensor readings using wireless temperature transmitter interface with raspberry pi
But I am curious to do it by using FreeNAS and FreeBSD services to achieve mention below points

- Send the readings from raspberry pi to FreeNas storage system where readings will be stored in CSV format
- Use readings in CSV format to design the dashboards with line graph which will be easily displayed through application in smartphone when ever user is using internet
- Also create alert system which sends the notification whenever temperature drops down or go high from defined range.


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Feb 12, 2015
I assume you mean you want to read the temperature readings directly on the FreeNAS/BSD box?

If the RPi is using a script to pull the data chances are it could probably be made to run on BSD with very little effort, but you'll likely need to get your hands dirty doing some scripting. The blurb on the product site says the protocol is open so I suspect they have information on how to interrogate the data via an API of some sort.

FWIW I find it easier to deal with RRD databases rather than CSV files, and corresponding RRD graphs are very easy to generate once you gets your head around the tools. Worth looking into to see if it fits your requirements.