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  1. T

    Rails for SuperMicro SuperChassis 505-203B (1U)

    Hello, the SuperMicro website for the 1U chassis 505-203B mentions only the rail kit MCP-290-50404-0N under optional parts. As a private person in Germany it is quite hard to get this model in a shop. Do you know if any other rail kits also fit to this chassis? Does someone have a picture of...
  2. cheezehead

    SuperMicro Rail Kit - $29.34

    Repon 13002 27" Mounting Rails Drawer Server Slides - $15 + $14.34 shipping. Not sure why the the seller is listing the ODM sku's and not the SuperMicro equivalent but they are MCP-290-00053-0N's. I picked up one for my SC836 chassis and it works perfectly.