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    LSI 9361-8i issue

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an LSI 9361-8i to replace my aging HP P410 raid card but I've got an odd issue. On the ASRock H170A-X1 motherboard, I had to play about with the OptionROM settings (attached) to get it to see the HP raid card in Windows/Linux. However, no matter what settings I...
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    Best Storage Controller for BPN-SAS-216A

    Hi, I have just got a SuperChassis 216A-R900LPB, with the BPN-SAS-216A backplane, and I need to get a storage controller for said chassis & backplane. I am looking for suggestions for raid cards, never had to get a raid card for a server, so Idk what exactly to get. The chassis is 24 bay, but...