1. james23

    100g qsfp+ optics question (CWDM) - low prices

    I've worked with a good bit of fiber, but never CWDM nor 100g stuff yet (until now)- Assuming that the QSFP28 modules ARE compatible with both of my switches (i know thats not always the case, but lets just assume yes here). should connecting 2x of these optics together with a patch cable be a...
  2. A

    Are 100G Omni-Path DAC compatible with Ethernet NICs?

    So, I've goofed up a bit and bought Intel Hitachi IQSFP26C30 QSFP28 100Gbps DAC which appears to be Intel Omni-Path, not Ethernet :( (Google search-ing the part number doesn't give much, but the cable has a custom sticker that says "Omnipath") I'm wondering if I could use it with Ethernet...
  3. Prophes0r

    [ SOLVED? NOPE? MAYBE? ] Do QSFP28 optics work in QSFP+ ports? (Obviously at lower speed)[SX6036][CX3]

    [EDIT] After 2+ more hours I think I have found an answer. Nope. Every article I see talks about compatibility of using older 40Gbit QSFP+ optics in 100Gbit QSFP28 switches. Does the opposite work? I doubt it, but it would be good to know. I'm on a shoestring budget and I'm encountering...
  4. T

    Using Mellanox Infiniband DAC Cables for Ethernet, is this possible?

    This previous thread suggests that using Mellanox Infiniband DAC cables, for ethernet instead should work OK. https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/qsfp-cables-same-for-ethernet-and-infiniband.18020/ However, as I'm new to all of this stuff I want to try to be as specific as...
  5. M

    EXPIRED Mellanox MCP1600-E002 QSFP28 IB EDR (100Gb/s) 2M DAC used - $12 OBO

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/314167641289 Looks like it was discounted to $12 few days ago. Which is an attractive price for EDR DAC. From quick research MCP1600-Exxx should support 56G Ethernet and FDR 56Gbit/s IB both. Ordered 4 for myself.
  6. B

    Nokia WBX 210 32x-100gbe QSFP28 switch

    Hello STH I have recently purchased the above switch from local recycling company, knowing that this switch runs ONIE I was mistakenly thinking I can install any Linux network distro, but unfortunately it's not possible, it looks like it's only supports Nuage. Did I just got a useless high-end...
  7. K

    100 Gbe NIC recommendations ?

    Hello, At this moment I use 2x HP servers, DL360p G8 and DL380 G9, both with HP 649283-B21 40G NICs... They work fine as ethernet adapters on pfSense without flashing etc... But now I need some decent PCI-e x16 100G NICs for another servers which ill use at 40G (no 100G switch) but I hope to...
  8. S

    Arista QSFP28 100G AOC, 10M, $96.75 from unixpluscom

    I was on ebay searching for cheap QSFP+ AOC's for my Arista 7050QX-32-S and I stumbled across this unixpluscom listing for an Arista compatible AOC-Q-Q-100G-10 for $96.75: NEW Arista 100G QSFP28 10-Meter Active Optical Cable AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M | eBay This AOC cable is $510 on fs.com: Arista...