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    Power supply replacement for Supermicro chassis 808t

    Hi everyone! I have a client that had two Supermicro Superserver 6016TT-IBXF (most probably) sitting in a rack unused, because they were supposedly no longer working. One of them has a dead power supply (PWS-1K21P-1R), its led does not turn on when power is supplied, no fans are spinning, etc...
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    Supermicro PWS-1K21P-1R, PWS-501P-1R, PWS-920P-SQ noise comparison

    Hey guys, I just bought a Supermicro SC836 chassis that came with redundant 1K2 gold powersupplies (UK Dell Compellent SC40 server deal). Since the server will be sitting in my office, I was trying to find a less noisy power supply. This will only be a backup storage server so redundant power is...