pci bracket

  1. N

    [WTB] Normal/long PCI bracket for Addonics AD3M2SPX4 M2/PCIE adapter?

    This is a long shot, but I hope I'm lucky. :) I just received a used Addonics AD3M2SPX4 M2/PCIE adapter that I bought on eBay. Unfortunately, I did not notice it had the small form factor PCI bracket, and I need a normal one. I'm hoping one of you have the same card, but are using the small...
  2. svtkobra7

    [Request for Ideas] SuperMicro SC836 PCI Air Flow Management

    I purchased 2 x Sun Flash Accelerator F40 recently, and while they don't arrive until Thursday (and I don't even have a baseline yet), I'd be willing to wager a few bucks that I may need to manage air flow for the PCIe cards. I suggest that as: (a) others have noted they run very hot, (b)...
  3. wiretap

    Intel AXXRMM4 PCI Bracket (Full Height)

    I got bored on midnights and designed a PCI bracket for the Intel AXXRMM4 remote management module. If any of you need a bracket, please try this out to see if it fits. I haven't got a chance to print it yet, but I designed it to the standard PCI bracket specs, standard ethernet cutout hole...