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    Retailer/supplier recommendations/lists

    Hi! So having come to building a small home server/lab for some basic things, and reading a lot online, I'm finding it hard to find places to shop for primarily server spec/designated parts. My usual friends (in the UK) ebuyer/scan don't really have server parts - I'm finding motherboards...
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    FS: Server parts and chassis from teardown - make an offer

    All items pulled from working systems and in good condition. Local pickup in Los Angeles, or shipping can be arranged for additional charges. Accepting offers on all items. $500 takes the whole lot. Pictures of all the items are here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet All items come from...
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    WTB: PowerEdge VRTX Parts

    Hello all, I am looking for the below list of parts for my VRTX Chassis. If you have any please PM me with what you are asking for these parts. Tower Back Cover (Cover opposite of standard opening cover. Was not included in eBay sale and I am looking to make the Tower Chassis whole. Anyone...
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    FS: guts of GTX1080Ti

    empty shell, heatsink, fan, plastic trim, screws. NO GPU, I repeat, there is NO GPU Cost: you pay shipping