omnios smb

  1. AveryFreeman

    nss_ad in OmniOSCE r151030?

    Hello I'm trying to find the best way to join my OmniOS server to my AD domain network I came across this Oracle page and I was wondering if anything similar exists for OmniOS r151030, etc.? Overview of the nss_ad Naming Service Module - Oracle Solaris Administration: Naming and Directory...
  2. K

    OmniOS vs Solaris 11.4 SMB default behaviour

    Hello, I have been running Solaris 11.4 file server at home for some time now. It serves few SMB shares - very simple workgroup mode setup. I can connect to \\servername form any Windows machine and get share list. there is a public share where any unauthenticated user can read from and write...