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    [FS] Chenbro NR40700 48-Bay NAS Chassis

    Do you need a lot of space to attach drives? Do you live in the Seattle area? Then this is for you! This chassis and motherboard combo would make an awesome home NAS with massive expansion capabilities, you know, for all those Linux ISOs and/or Chia ;) The Chenbro NR40700 includes the following...
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    Problem with Chenbro NR40700 (Red led from chassis and backplane)

    I recently purchased a brand new NR40700 from ebay, along with a used NR40700 with the motherboard and drive caddies included. I took the motherboard, HBA and drive caddies out of the used system and put them into the new chassis. The system boots, but the red "warning light" is solid on the...