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    EU [EU-GER] FS: 19x NEW SSD Samsung PM9A3 3.84TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 x4 — PLP — Endurance ~7 PBW // Shipping worldwide

    Will ship all items internationally via DHL with insurance (see below) Payment options offered vary on a case by case basis - local pickup or bank transfer preferred. Every buyer may do a live test at my place if picking up in person. I have several ebay accounts with around 2000 points...
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    New here.

    Hello everyone I'm Lor and I'm new here. I trained as a computer technician and network engineer in the mid 90's when I was just out of college. I have regularly built and maintained home networks since then as the technology has improved but now I'm adding a dedicated server to the system...
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    Any way to look into other industries?

    Hello, Introducing myself and stating that I work for a data storage/management company right off the bat. I work fr a company called Tekram/CineRAID. I just started a new position so if I want to survive I pretty much have to learn. I'm on this forum to understand our market and where the...