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    Cheap OCP Mezzanine cards to standard PCIE

    This thread is posted in order to pay back our fourms, beacuse the Inspiration comes from here. Will give us a new choice with Two port SFP+ 10GB Ethernet card,cheap and easy ! This thread tell you how to use a transfer suit to get a cheap 10GB Ethernet card,and a little work...
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    Looking for a Connectx-3 custom firmware package

    Hi, I have four MCX341A-XCAN (Connectx-3 EN, one SFP+ port, OCP mezzanine format) on Quanta Windmill nodes, and I want to update the firmware. The current version is 2.10.3782, but the last upgradable version officially available on Mellanox site is the 2.31.1598. And i'm pretty sure there is...