machine learning

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    GPU Server Build for ~$50k

    Hello everyone, I am constructing a multi-GPU server for a small lab and am looking for good suggestions for vendors and specific chassis models. There are a few constraints that we are under: 1) We are limited on price, and therefore purchasing equipment completely decked out is not...
  2. C

    Please help me pick a server or MB with lots of PCI-E.

    I would like to set up a server for AI/inference. Already have some GPUs. An RX580 and a P40. I couldn't get the P40 running in any of my other systems due to incompatibility. I will eventually get more GPU as my budget allows. They will be high vram GPUs like more P40s or 3090, etc. I was set...
  3. M

    Server suggestions for virtual workstation

    I am learning to code and getting into data science and have been looking into building a powerful workstation or server like this: Deep Learning Workstations, Servers, Laptops for 2021 | Lambda The main thing I'd like to do with a setup like this is to be able to not only run simulations but...
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    Will CPUs ever come to parity with GPUs for ML/AI/compute?

    I've been stuck in this quagmire for quite some time. Right now, the whole demand distribution for GPUs is out of whack: Gamers want the new hotness with 12 GB of HBM2 to play Cyberpunk Cryptominers want any and every GPU at any price to mine useless entropy (so they can buy more GPUs, of...
  5. S

    Face Clustering of Images

    import sys import os import dlib import glob import time start = time.time() if len(sys.argv) != 3: print("Please specify valid arguments. Call the program like this \npython -specify input folder- -specify output path-") exit() predictor_path =...
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    AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning/HPC Build

    Hi all, I am interested in building a workstation or server that can tackle the above tasks and have a few GPUs knocking about. I have read numerous guides online, but most tend to advocate GTX/RTX and desktop hardware etc. I am in a relatively uncommon situation as I am an IT broker (primarily...
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    Hello to Everyone

    Hey! all I am new to this forum and I wanted to say hello to everyone here.
  8. J

    Help on price recommender system using AI/ML please

    Hello experts. I would like to use ML/AI to give rooms price recommendation for hotel owners on For example now, the owner of hotel "B" wants to list his hotel on, he may have a fixed price in mind, but based on the pictures of the hotel, the services offered, the location...
  9. P

    Searching Best Image Classifiers

    Hello, I am working on a hotel classification task for my company, Timbu- I have a task to recommend an efficient classifier model to use for the project. Please can anyone give an Idea of the things I should consider very important in selecting a model to use. We'll be using python to...
  10. S

    Xeon E-2xxx vs Xeon D-2xxx for ML mule

    Hey, I am in for upgrading some hardware and I came to the conclusion that I need an ML training mule separated from my current workstation. Can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages of going with eighter platform for this use-case? I am considering to run 2 1080ti as for know they...
  11. M

    Full height GPU in 2U chassis w/half-height slots

    So I'd like to dip my toes into the world of machine learning. I have most of STH's Starter ML build already as my home server. Except for the GPU, and also, it's in a 2U rackmount chassis. Specifically, the Supermicro SC825TQ-536LPB; the "LPB" part of the model name stands for "low-profile...
  12. D

    Feedback needed on ML-CryptoMining-Dev box

    I've been coding and trying to run VMs on my ancient machine and it's not going well. I've been cleared by the wife for a budget up to $5000 but prefer less than 3K. Here's the rub, I'm hoping to cryptomine to offset some of the cost when I'm not dev-ML-gaming. Those of you who mine and do ML...
  13. Patrick

    Maching Learning/ Nerual Network GPUs

    We now have 6x dual socket blades in the STH lab each with 2x GPU support. I saw a big search engine (not Google) is using chassis with 8x "Geforce GTX" GPUs in each chassis. I am guessing they are Titan (X/Z) GPUs, as judging by the setup, it was not inexpensive or low power. The Tesla...