machine learning

  1. S

    Face Clustering of Images

    import sys import os import dlib import glob import time start = time.time() if len(sys.argv) != 3: print("Please specify valid arguments. Call the program like this \npython -specify input folder- -specify output path-") exit() predictor_path =...
  2. T

    AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning/HPC Build

    Hi all, I am interested in building a workstation or server that can tackle the above tasks and have a few GPUs knocking about. I have read numerous guides online, but most tend to advocate GTX/RTX and desktop hardware etc. I am in a relatively uncommon situation as I am an IT broker (primarily...
  3. E

    Hello to Everyone

    Hey! all I am new to this forum and I wanted to say hello to everyone here.
  4. J

    Help on price recommender system using AI/ML please

    Hello experts. I would like to use ML/AI to give rooms price recommendation for hotel owners on For example now, the owner of hotel "B" wants to list his hotel on, he may have a fixed price in mind, but based on the pictures of the hotel, the services offered, the location...
  5. P

    Searching Best Image Classifiers

    Hello, I am working on a hotel classification task for my company, Timbu- I have a task to recommend an efficient classifier model to use for the project. Please can anyone give an Idea of the things I should consider very important in selecting a model to use. We'll be using python to...
  6. S

    Xeon E-2xxx vs Xeon D-2xxx for ML mule

    Hey, I am in for upgrading some hardware and I came to the conclusion that I need an ML training mule separated from my current workstation. Can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages of going with eighter platform for this use-case? I am considering to run 2 1080ti as for know they...
  7. M

    Full height GPU in 2U chassis w/half-height slots

    So I'd like to dip my toes into the world of machine learning. I have most of STH's Starter ML build already as my home server. Except for the GPU, and also, it's in a 2U rackmount chassis. Specifically, the Supermicro SC825TQ-536LPB; the "LPB" part of the model name stands for "low-profile...
  8. D

    Feedback needed on ML-CryptoMining-Dev box

    I've been coding and trying to run VMs on my ancient machine and it's not going well. I've been cleared by the wife for a budget up to $5000 but prefer less than 3K. Here's the rub, I'm hoping to cryptomine to offset some of the cost when I'm not dev-ML-gaming. Those of you who mine and do ML...
  9. Patrick

    Maching Learning/ Nerual Network GPUs

    We now have 6x dual socket blades in the STH lab each with 2x GPU support. I saw a big search engine (not Google) is using chassis with 8x "Geforce GTX" GPUs in each chassis. I am guessing they are Titan (X/Z) GPUs, as judging by the setup, it was not inexpensive or low power. The Tesla...