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    Maximum Distance Between Workstation and RAID Server

    Hi guys, we are looking to move our 8 disk RAID 0 (which is currently inside a workstation) into a 24 unit server chassis, so we can extend the Raid 0 to 24 drives and increase the max I/O of the Raid. Read/write speed is the most important factor for us - we deal with very large video/image...
  2. sfbayzfs

    FS/FT/WTB/WTT sfbayzfs Pt 1: Systems, backplanes, controllers, expanders, mobos, procs, RAM

    Greetings fellow home server builders! I have finally settled on a (mostly) final config at home for my stuff (hopefully) * Another big update Sept 8th 2019 * SSD special - $30 - 2x (yes, a pair) of 100GB SATA EMLC SSDs 15mm thick, with PLP, great for mirrored boot drives, add more for only...