lsi 9266

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    [FS] LSI 9266-8i with CV and CacheCade, RES2SV240 Expander, Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8X6G JBOD

    I have a bunch of hardware I am looking to sell. I am based in the United States (New York). They are currently on eBay, but willing to sell direct. Any offers will be considered. Thanks! $149.99 - SAS 9266-8i CV LSI MegaRAID 6GB SATA/SAS Controler Card & CacheVault & CacheCade: SAS 9266-8i CV...
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    Manage 9266-8i in ESXI 6.7

    Hello guys and gals, Sorta new to the forums but am in need of help managing my LSI 9266-8i raid card in a SUPERMICRO CSE846 Chassis running ESXI 6.7u1. From what I've tried so far from searching hours on the web hasn't worked. I've tried numerous versions of the LSI provider vib I've tried on...