layer 3

  1. bryan_v

    Addition of Layer 3 benchmarks to switch reviews

    In shopping for switches for edge locations and I've notice that none of the vendors, except for Mikrotik publish L3 routing benchmarks, and almost all the review sites only test L2 switch performance. Especially for edge locations, Inter-VLAN routing and static routes are the most important...
  2. L

    Easiest Method for Layer 3 routing with SONiC, PFSense, and multiple WANs

    After getting through this headache, I'm about to redo my entire home network with my new Celestica DX010 100g running SONiC. My current setup involves putting all the vlans on my pfsense router and letting it do all the intervlan routing. As my network is going to be 100 gigabit capable, layer...
  3. T

    Switch recommendations needed

    Hi, I am by no means a network engineer, so I'm hoping I can provide my use case and get some constructive feedback and a specific make/model of switch to buy. So I am currently running my main servers, NASs and workstations over 10GBE with jumbo frames. They all work great and I don't want to...