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    LACP configuration

    Hello friends! I am trying to configure LACP between my Juniper SRX240 (JunOS 12.3) and Quanta LB6M. So far, I'm stuck. Let me show you my current configuration on both devices. Quanta LB6M configuration interface 0/25 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/26 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/27 addport...
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    JunOS EX4300 17.1R2

    Hi All looking for a copy of Junos EX4300 17.1R2 so i can update to 19 from 14 can anyone assist me with this struggling to find a copy
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    EU FS: 3x Juniper EX3300-24T 4x10G SFP+ DC (not AC)!

    Hi all, First post and sale - came recommended by a like-minded soul and avid lurker. For sale is: 3x Juniper EX3300-24T 4x10G SFP+ with DC PSU, pulled and well working from a D/C-environment. 4x 10G SFP+ uplink ports + 24x1G, power draw approx. ~50W with very silent (smooth) operation. All...