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    Configuring Fusion-Io (SanDisk) SX300, SX350 and PX600 cards with a Linux 5.x kernel

    Hello folks, For the past several weeks, snuf and I have been working on porting the original iomemory-vsl4 driver ( to the Linux 5.x Kernels. We've tested it with 5.3, 5.4 and 5.6 so far, and under Proxmox 6.1 with the 5.3 Kernel. We just pushed out a working release tonight and are...
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    Sandisk IOMemory PX600 "Hardware Failure" issue

    I was bought Sandisk iomemory PX600 2.6TB @ $90 on ebay. then I was installed VSL 4.3.6 on windows 10, ioMemory is running in a minimal state cuz unsupported firmware version. So, I was update firmware with 4.3.6 .fff archive. no force option, everything was fine. but after reboot, I've...