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    [WTB] 10GBe SFP+ NIC : Chelsio T520, T420, Intel x540 x520

    [WTB] 10GBe SFP+ NIC : Chelsio T520 or T420 or Intel x540 or x520 Qty 1 wanted. USA. Need Long Bracket.
  2. TheBloke

    Best 2 x 10G performance on older system: 2 x single vs 1 x dual-port card?

    Hi all I am wanting to add 2 x 10G ports to my workstation and server. My question is: is there any potential difference, positive or negative, between doing this via one dual-port card (in my case, X520-DA2) versus 2 x single-port card (X520-DA1.) The cards will go in PCIE 2.0 x8 slots, so...
  3. TheBloke

    Going 10G - RJ45 copper via Intel X540?

    Hi all I've spent the last several weeks majorly upgrading my home file server, which is now 2 x hex-core Xeon X5670 CPUs with 72GB RAM, providing 24 x 2TB 7200rpm HDD on 4 x LSI controllers, running Solaris 11.3. I might also add an SSD or two for ZIL and/or cache. Having provided myself...