1. Levi

    Hyperconverged Hypervisor options [Discussion]

    I'm currently on a quest to build The Ultimate Off-grid SOHO Server Rack (MegaThread). In order to design the Servers I first need to settle on a hypervisor to run. Current State Discuss --> Plan --> POC/Test --> Implement/Automate --> Backup/Monitor --> Reiterate Goals Hyper-converged - No...
  2. P

    HCI Servers Build... Starwind VSAN or VMWare vSAN?

    Hey Everyone, I'm hopefully going to build a few HCI node servers, with this chassis: Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 2U | 6028UX-TR4 I'd like to do 3 nodes, hyperconverged with a VSAN software. 2 E5-2680v3 128gb DDR4 2 in RAID 1(Storage Spaces Mirror) Samsung 950 Pro 512gb M.2...
  3. Zankza