1. Q

    X11SSH-F - No video output (VGA & IPMI KVM) after boot

    Hello, I just found an old post on reddit about IPMI and iKVM "no signal" issue after boot sequence: No video output (VGA & IPMI KVM) after boot : homelab I have the exact (at least similar) same issue, but some times it works... e.g: not working when boot up the server, but many days after...
  2. Patrick

    Supermicro HTML5 iKVM arrived

    We have a Supermicro SYS-5018D-LN4T in the lab and I saw something I think STH-ers will be excited about: an initial HTML5 iKVM! The HTML5 KVM functions are working as are the power on/ off. Virtual media still requires the Java app or using the web page: Still, this is a very exciting...