hard drives

  1. bilbo1337

    FS: 20 Packs of 16TB and 18TB drives

    I have a bunch of 16TB and 18TB drives I was going to use for Chia but changed my mind. I can accept wire and ship from Florida, US. PM me for more details, I can give big discounts on 2+ 20 packs. They're all sealed and brand new. 40 drives ST16000NM000J: $18K 40 drives ST18000NM000J: $23K $22K
  2. R

    USB 3.2 Gen 2 to U.2 NVMe SSD Adapter

    Did you guys see this U.2 to USB yet? interesting...
  3. J

    FS: x10 new Seagate ES3 ST1000NM0023 1TB HDDS and x8 DDR4 16GB RAM

    RAM has been sold. For Sale x10 new (unopened still in static bag sealed) Seagate Constellation ES3 ST1000NM0023 Enterprise 1TB HDDs Asking $30 for each or best offer. Looking to sell either 5 at once or all 10. Not willing to sell individual drives due to shipping cost
  4. T

    $10/TB or less 3, 4, 6 TB SAS drives

    This seller as 3, 4 & 6 TB SAS drives all OBO I have no idea of total bytes written. 3TB $28 HGST 4TB $50 HGST 6TB $77 Seagate SAS3 (12GB) accepted offer of $60 each for 10 x 6TB bought 4TB SAS earlier in 2018 for $50 so expecting lower ~$40 2TB SAS are already at $20 OBO in...
  5. N

    FS: Three HGST Deskstar NAS hard drives, new in box

    Per the subject line. I bought 4 of these for a project but decided to go in a different direction, keeping one for Time Machine backups for my Mac. I'm asking $200 each shipped, or buy all 3 for $580 shipped. PayPal goods and services only. Thanks.
  6. T

    [FS] HGST Enterprise Factory Certified Hard Drives

    Hi all, I cleared this with the admin. Our business has been in the data storage/controller/RAID industry for over 20 years. Our main products are controller cards and Thunderbolt 3/Type C RAID enclosures. We've built a good reputation with a lot of people and have a lot of ongoing projects...
  7. C

    EU [EU-UK] 10 x 4TB WD Gold / RE4 SAS2 (6GB/s) 3.5" 7200RPM Enterprise Hard Drives (WD4001FYYG)

    10 x 4TB SAS2 WD GOLD / RE4 3.5" DRIVES £75 e/a Got 10 of these drives for sale as I have upgraded to bigger disks SAS2 Hard drives in excellent full working condition, all 7200RPM and SAS2 (6GBs) Smart Data fully available prior to purchase for anyone wishing a copy of it WD Spec Sheet...
  8. D

    Encrypted Drives - Does anyone have benchmarks for these?

    Do any of you have experience with encrypted drives, and performance measurement of same? Specifically, 6TB level spinning disks, I think at 7200RPM levels, for use in mid-sized storage systems. I think the target is a 3 shelf FAS-8020 system. Any drawbacks aside from performance issues? --...
  9. J

    Advantages of ssd as a OS drive for servers

    Dear friends, Guys, we going to build a hardware for windows server 2012. So i need to know the advantages of SSD be a OS drive over HDD be a OS drive. Except fast booting, low power consumption, light weight and no noise, ssd have any other features or not? Thanks, Junior admin.
  10. D

    6TB White Label Hard Drives

    Hey guys, Was looking for new "big" hard drives and came across some of these on eBay for $150, which is a lot better of a deal than any of the brand-name drives, even used. I was hesitant at first because there's virtually no information out there about these drives whatsoever - Google...