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    First server: Dell EMC PowerEdge T40 Xeon Quad-Core with Ubuntu with GUI

    Hello everyone, Background story It is time for me "have" my own server. I have decided that I need a physical server, that I can touch and operate. I need control over it and I need to learn how to use it and so on. I have been running a "faux-server" on my desktop from time to time. I ran...
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    ESXi 6.5U1 w/ Ryzen - web GUI crashes & weirdness

    I have a Ryzen 7 system with ESXi 6.5U1 installed. The VMs for the most part seem to work well. The interface, however, is a different story. It will throw unhandled exceptions, become unresponsive, or even deny logins when the correct password is provided. A complete reboot of the server will...