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    Dell R710

    Don't know where to post this so... I have an R710 and I put a third party riser in it for a graphics card, it now won't boot. I get an error message saying I have to put it back in. Is there any way around this as I would like to have a graphics card in here. The riser is: Thermaltake PCI-e...
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    Building a tiny (Sub 3.9 Litres) workstation

    First post here, if you know me from other places, hello again. Anyway I've come because I'm thinking about using some server parts in my workstation build and hopefully I could get some feedback on this potential idea. The plan is to use this a portable graphic design workstation. I'm not so...
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    FS: ProLiant ML350 G6, Cisco, Quadro, Memory, and much more

    Hi All, I've got a bunch of stuff that I've been amassing for a while now that I'd like to get rid of. I am located in Richmond, VA and am willing to ship (preferably not the server, but will if I have to), but shipping is not included in the prices listed. I am willing to accept Paypal only...