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    DIY Linux Server or Synology NAS?

    Hi, I am wanting to upgrade my current home server to something that doesn't use Windows and am having a crisis with choosing what I am going to do. Here are my list of things that I need as well as some prefered things Required: GUI for 90% of tools that I will be using (I can do some things in...
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    Self hosted Zimbra Mail Server - looking for other options

    Been using Zimbra mail server for many years, but think it's finally time to move on. The product's getting creaky and it's clear there's not a lot of development going into it. We have a Synology Rackstation and we know our way around Windows Server. Anyone have any recommendations on email...
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    Managed Email Providers with Specific Requirements

    Didn't really know where to post this, so I thought I'd try this general forum... At my work we do email via MS Exchange and Mobile Iron, and it's all in-house. This isn't our strong suit, and furthermore there are a lot of security-minded strict requirements. So we currently have a fairly...