dell 8024

  1. S

    Delta 7024 switch network interfaces all failed when flashing to Dell 8024

    I bought a machine and followed a guide here approximately a month ago: (7024) Delta To Dell - Brokeaids Because I was using the WTG environment, and I lost my usb device, I have no log page for now. Things at first are the same, and the output are all the same as the guide. Then the front panel...
  2. DavidRa

    Dell 8024F, Multicast for Proxmox

    Now that Proxmox 5 is out and live, I figured I'd build a test cluster on my lab environment to see if it is any easier/better than my previous attempts. I have run into a snag though. According to the Proxmox documentation, the preferred environment for clustering includes multicast for the...