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    OM5: LC to LC

    Just because I like pretty cables... For use on some servers I'll be racking in a co-lo.
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    FS-US-MN-SC: 22TB ECC DDR3 & NVME SSD Storage & other stuff

    22TB+ of DDR3 ECC Server memory for sale in southern Minnesota taken out of running servers this month. 4 to 32GB modules, samsung,hynix,kingston,micron many with dell,hp,ibm stickers. Breakdown in google sheet. Offers welcome, but i cant just give it away. Working on listing what i have for...
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    EU FS: Brocade MLXE-4-MR2-M-AC IP/MPLS Router for datacenter

    Hi there, i have these 2 similar units that I dont use, nor do i intend to use them at home :) maybe somebody in here would be interested. The units comes without any modules beside the 2* PSU and 4 fans in the rear. (Management and interface modules is needed) My selling price is: 150 each...
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    Selling: Brocade MLXe-4-MR2-M-AC

    Hi there, i have recently aquired a couple of these badboys. The router itself is included with two PSU's, and missing the management module. they are from a former datacenter, that has turned the key. Shipping is possible in europe and costs around 230 USD. Local pickup in Denmark is also...
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    Intel bids 6bn $ for Mellanox

    According to german it news site Golem and their source Intel bids 6billion $ for Mellanox. Sources: Intel Among Bidders for Chipmaker Mellanox - CTech Rechenzentren: Intel bietet wohl 6 Milliarden Dollar für Mellanox - (German) I'm wondering what will happen if Mellanox accepts the...
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    Server 2012r2 - Storage Spaces Mirror using mixed capacity disks

    Hi, I've created a Storage pool containing 6 SATA disks connected directly to ports in my motherboard. I decided on a 3-column, two-way Mirror of and creating a simple volume (basically just wanted a resilient NAS Server with fast sequential R/W speed capable of theoretically coming close to...
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    Colo, Datatcenter: ease of managing life

    I saw @Patrick response in another thread & I thought, wow, he brings up some great thoughts. @Patrick can you expand on your "colo to be abs breeze" bullets? I'm looking to make the move to a colo, but I keep asking myself "how do I manage all the assets", "are there tools that can make my...
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    FS: (2) APC AP8641 Metered 200/208V PDUs

    I've got two APC8641 PDUs. These were in use for a little over two years as A/B power in a datacenter. They are 200/208V power, can be networked, and over the network you can monitor and power on/off each outlet. Currently located in the eastern US. Official Product Specs My eBay Profile...
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    Used Intel S3500 80GB 2.5" (SSDSC2BB080G401) 35$

    Intel S3500 80 GB,Internal, 2.5" (SSDSC2BB080G401) SSD At time of posting, 8 available :)