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    Getting a 100gbe link between Celstica DX010 and Mellanox ConnectX-4?

    Howdy! I've got a Celestica SeaStone DX010 running SONiC, which is working well with a couple QSFP+ 40gbe AOCs and ConnectX-3 adapters. I've picked up a few ConnectX-4 adapters (HP 840QSFP28, CX455A) and three different brands of DACs - but I can't get a link to come up at 100gbe. If I...
  2. J

    HP 5120 and CX4 Nic for IBM x3850 x5

    First of, I know CX4 is old and generally not the thing around these forums :) But since I got a bunch of HP 5120 EL switches thrown at me, all with 2 port CX4 10GbE modules installed and cables too, I really need the best advice/recommendation I can get, for a ethernet NIC with CX4 port(s) I'm...
  3. B

    WTB: 12U Soundproof Quiet Server Rack

    Looking to buy a 12U quiet server rack. I would really like a Ucoustic Active 12U rack, or something that offers similar noise reduction and thermal performance. I am downsizing from my 24U NetShelter CX quiet server rack. I would be willing to trade with someone also, if someone is looking to...
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    Xsigo IS24 F-X430083 or QLogic SilverStorm 9024-CU24-ST2-DDR

    Hi, Newbie to Infiniband. Had several MHGH28-XTC and CX4 cables from a deal , would like to try out Infiniband/VSAN in my home lab. Anyone familiar with those switches? Xsigo IS24 F-X430083 Expansion Switch QLogic SilverStorm 9024-CU24-ST2-DDR Which one will be better? Or they just work the...
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    Are all Infiniband CX4 cables work the same (support both SDR and DDR rate)?

    Hi fellows, Are all Infiniband CX4 cables work the same (support both 10Gb SDR and 20Gb DDR rate)? Or actually there are some kind of standards only some CX4 cables can do 20Gb DDR? Same question goes for 40Gb QDR and 56Gb FDR QSFP cables.