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    New Home Build Wiring Recommendations 2020 Edition

    Hey everyone. So the question that's been asked before gets asked again, but this time for 2020. Building a new home and looking at network cabling options in the house. Home is large, Aprox 5500sq ft. so some runs could stretch out to 100m in length. Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat7, Cat8, and Fiber. All...
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    Home cabling Cat7/8 and or Fibre?

    Hi all, I recently purchased my first house and I am looking to cable the house with the latest and greatest cables I can find to make it some what future proof. I've never had to do any cabling of this scale before, so I am interested to here other peoples experiences. Has anyone tried this...
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    Has anyone else bought Fiber store Cat8 ethernet cable

    Has anyone else bought Fiberstore Cat8 ethernet patch cable? I bought some recently as I was looking for some quality shielded cables in the 7-10ft range and their cat 8 cables were cheep. $3.50-$4.50. After checking these out today I noticed that these cables are 26 awg thick. Having felt some...