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    MEGARAID SAS 9271-4I with cachevault

    Hello, I have a 1u server chassis 813MTQ-441CB and the remote hands technician couldn't install the parts: MEGARAID SAS 9271-4I LSI00297 / LSICVM01 (LSI MegaRAID CacheVault Accessory Kit) we used a riser card for the RAID card but according to the documentation we need a remote mount board for...
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    LSI 9266-8i won't boot with CacheVault module installed

    So I've been upgrading the RAID configuration in my NAS server, and the parts I went with were: LSI00295: LSI MegaRAID 9266-8i 1 GB LSI00290: CacheCade Pro 2.0 Software Physical Key LSI00297: CacheVault Kit LSICVM01+Battery The plan was to use six 3 TB SATA drives in RAID 50, with a 250 GB...