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    Very short or custom SAS 8087 cables

    Do any of you know where to find Very short, or even custom 8087 Cables? I would like to not interrupt airflow to much and the connectors are between 4 and 0 inches apart. I currently have .5m(1.5ft) cables, and they are to long. If anyone knows where to buy the wire and connectors I would be...
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    Connect ASR-78165 and netapp DS4246

    I tried to connect but controller does not see the enclosure. It scans drives during boot longer than usual. But it does not see any HDD. Maybe the problem is in cables. How to check that? I have ordered 2 cables QSFP to SFF-8644. They are from China and do not look like something original. Can...
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    Using forward/reverse breakout cables on both sides

    Hi, it should be possible to use SATA to SFF-8088 breakout cables in both server and disk chassis? However, as far as I understand I would need two identical breakout cables to not end up with RX/TX pairs switched? Can anyone please correct me if I'm wrong?
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    looking for suggestion regarding 40Gbit home networking

    It's quite hard to believe, but I couldn't find any information about creating a 40 Gbit home network. My issue is simple: I live in a 3 room apartment. Since I need the 40 Gbit connection between the rooms, a DAC solution is out of the question - since the distance between the rooms is approx...
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    SAS HDD-s won't spin up

    Hy! I bought this cable and i connected to my Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ SFF8087 port. I plugged the cable other end to the HDD-s and they won't spin up. I tried to cover PIN3 on the hdd, still the same...
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    Break out cable and connectx NIC

    Hello, Does a break out cable which is known to work with connectx 5 should work out of te box without furteher setting (like ethtool) ? I am referring to a 100 GB cable with 4 x 25 ends, which connects a dual port connectx-5 nic to I40E . Or does it require setting or flushing firmware with...
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    DAC compatible with Cisco P81E VIC and Ubiquiti US-16-XG

    I ordered some SFP-H10GB-CU3M compatible (supposedly) DACs from, and although they're nice and thin, and work with my Mellanox Connectx-3 cards in my NAS', they are not compatible with my P81E 10GbE cards in my UCS servers. Can anyone recommend a good DAC in 3-5m distances to connect my...