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    Office cabinet recommendation

    Hi, my current goal is to move all spare hardware, which now lays on floor, to cabinets in our office. We talk about 50U of equipment that we need to host in something, so I am looking for something like 2x ~30U cabinets. Generally I don't want anything higher as we have small office without...
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    FS: APC Netshelter CX 24U (SOLD)

    I am selling an APC Netshelter CX 24U. This quiet 19" server cabinet is in excellent condition! Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Price is $1750. Would prefer local pickup in Dallas, TX and payment in cash. I can also ship the server rack via Navis Pack and Ship for $900 to the...
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    My AC in Server Cabinet Project

    Cut to the good stuff. Link is here for pics on the cabinet I got a heck of a deal on an APC Netshelter on Craiglist ($100). This also included an APC 3000XL and a battery pack for it AND two ShareUPS units. My cabinet will be in my garage (I can already hear the screams of disdain) and I...