1. realtomatoes

    x9sri-f won't boot with more than 2 dimm

    are these mobos really picky with ram? tried both my 8gb ecc samsung and 16gb ecc hynix 1333mhz dimm sets that works fine on my asrock EPC602D8A . i've reset the bios to default too, same thing. is there anything in the bios that i may screwed up? ipmi works, at least.
  2. A

    Tyan S750

    Hi, First of all, well done for creating such a forum! Great job! It's my first post, so excuse my newbie talk. I've bought an Tyan S7050 and 2x Xeon E5-2660. The board seems to be temperamental as it booted well for a few times and then after reset it, stop working. It start all the fans...
  3. E

    cobbling a compute and storage server from a Symatec 5000 with S2600GZ MB

    i recently got a barebones Symantec 5000 (SYM5000 2U Server Chassis w/ Intel S2600G Dual 2011 Socket Motherboard 2x PSU) just adding 2xE5-2670's and 64GB ram. i managed to get it to boot into Windows 10! Unfortunately in getting there, i still have a lot of unresolved problems. i see several...
  4. J

    How to access RAID controller in runtime

    In the past I used only software raid like Linux mdadm. Now I have this motherboard : X10DRC-LN4+ which has on board hardware raid : LSI 3108. I can access the management interface of raid during system boot up by pressing ctr+R. This maybe a noob question but how to enter into management...