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    Dell VRTX(Perc8) Consumer SSDs

    So ran into a slight issue... I recently aquired some Samsung 860EVO 500GB, and i thought that it was going to be a fairly simple task of slotting em into the VRTX and just create a Virtual Disk... nope. What im currently running Dell VRTX Dual PERC8 @ v23.14.06.0013 Expander Backplane @ v2.0.0...
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    Looking for Hitachi firmware

    I recently picked up 8xHUSSL4040ASS600 SAS2 ssds for use in testing vsan and eventually as a dedicated flash datastore for my VMs. I just got the drives installed, but an getting a blocked status on my h710p raid card. I wanted to try updating the firmware to the current as they seem to be at...