1. D

    HPE custom ESX 7 gen8 sl230

    Anyone know of a custom image for the gen8, sl230s blades? I was able to get up to 6.7 but cannot find an update path to 7. On the HP site, it is mentioned that 6.7 is not supported but obviously, that doesn't mean it won't run so maybe someone here knows of a version that will. Thanks.
  2. P

    AMM Firmware - IBM Blade Center - 8852

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice, I've been task with getting an IBM Blade Center's fan working this has led me down a path which I am hoping I can get some advice on. Issue we have a fan that failed at our LIVE site on an Blade Center H we replaced the fan with a new one but it reported...
  3. I

    VRTX and M630 woes

    hey friends! i was recently blessed to find a VRTX and M630 in my budget, and after sourcing a few parts that weren't included (namely: backplane expander, CMC, SPERC8, and power supplies), i've found that i'm having trouble actually getting things to work. i've had two M630s now exhibit...
  4. J

    Donated Equipment - Data Centre

    I work with a group of Radio Astronomers EAARO.ORG.UK and am about to start some projects (SETI, Satellite Ground Station and others) which will have quite heavy storage and processing requirements, we have been very lucky and been donated some equipment and racks (its quite old but free) - I...
  5. D

    FS: Supermicro MicroCloud 5038ML-H8TRF - 8x Blade Chassis - Fully Loaded!

    For sale is a 3U Supermicro MicroCloud 5038ML-H8TRF with 8 blades. Just over 1 year old, has only seen use in a clean datacenter. Asking $5,999+ $70 shipping to US (will ship internationally too). Each blade contains: 1x Intel Xeon E31231 3.4GHz 4-core processor. 2x Intel S3610 200GB SSDs...
  6. D

    FS - IBM BladeCenter E chassis and HS21/HS21xm blades

    I'm crazy enough to be running an IBM BladeCenter in my house... Recently I managed to pick up a BladeCenter H chassis and a bunch of HS22 blades, so it's time to offload some stuff. This had no problem running vSphere 6 even though it's no longer on the HCL. IBM BladeCenter E (8677) Chassis -...
  7. Patrick

    Supermicro SuperBlade System with GPU Blade Thread

    I just finished physically installing a 7U Supermicro SuperBlade in the Sunnyvale datacenter test lab. It is a big and heavy monster. We "only" have 4x dual Xeon E5-2600 nodes that each support dual GPUs in the chassis at this point. Here is a pic with two other multi-node enclosures: a 3U...