1. MrCalvin

    RHEL LVM RAID does have bit-rot protecting!

    To my surprise LVM mdadm does actually seem to be able to save extra checksum-data to prevent bit-rot/soft corruption. Until now I thought the only way was to go e.g. btrfs or sfz. But I just ran into this article over at RHEL: Using DM integrity with RAID LV Together with thin LVM snapshots...
  2. Z

    FreeNAS fully operational ?

    Hello Everybody, I have succesfully installed my FreeNAS Server and now I just want to be sure if it is fully operational and functions… I first wanted to check if ECC is really working so I did DmiDecode in the FreeNAS terminal. It showed me for my RAM that there is a total Bandwidth of 72 and...
  3. M

    Home server architecture thoughts?

    In this thread, I posted pics of my recently-rebuilt home server. Now that the hardware part is done (maybe?), I'm thinking it's time to revisit the OS/software side. So I'm soliciting feedback. I don't think anything is really broken, but mostly non-optimal due to having grown up...