amd ryzen

  1. MrCalvin

    Was about to switch from Intel>Ryzen, but now I'm not so sure after all!

    It was my belief that AMD's newer CPUs was ahead Intel now, and I finally decided to get my first test-server, Asrock board + Ryzen 5 2600 (no GPU) to test it out. My use-case is std. business servers (Linux KVM/QEMU: VPN firewall, Windows AD, Windows RDP VMs, Storage, Web, Mail, FTP and the...
  2. Kei-0070

    Watercooled Threadripper workstation

    I actually built this in 2009 but it runs up to the present day. I use this for a big mixture of gaming, video editing, video capture, media conversion, audio production/capture/editing/restoration and photo editing. Poor thing does take a hammering. It's been water cooled since it started life...
  3. R

    [US] FS $600 Dell Optiplex 5055 Small Form Factor AMD Ryzen 1700 Pro 16G Ram 256G SSD

    *Attention* I am selling this because ryzen cpu is currently not capable for having a long up time with Linux. It may run into soft lockup if you keep it running for a long time(In my case 2+ month). But windows should work well. See this 196683 – Random Soft Lockup on new Ryzen build It is...